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COVID-19 Action Plan

Updated November 23, 2020

Alpha Training Solutions has implemented a COVID-19 plan adopted and adapted for our location from St John Ambulance plan to keep our students, instructors, and staff safe as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Things you should know;

  • Self-declaration will take place upon arrival and attendance will not be permitted if you are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19   
  • Students must acknowledge to our receptionist that they have, read/understood our posted Covid Screening Notice at the front desk, prior to sign-in.
  • Students are required to bring a pocket mask/non-surgical mask to the course and wear it during the day inside our building. (No exceptions) Masks can also be purchased at Alpha Training Solutions front desk upon arrival
  • Physical distancing measures as well as enhanced cleaning measures have been put in place for student, instructor and staff safety 
  • Frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing is mandatory     
  • Lunchrooms will be closed until further notice (fridge & microwaves not accessible)
  • No more than 35 people in building
  • Physical distancing
  • No attendance if you are ill
  • Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing

Physical distancing measures

  • Students will maintain 2m physical distance when checking in
  • In classroom:
    • Individual student “stations or seats” separated by minimum 2m distance
    • 1:1 manikin, first aid kit, AED trainer, gloves and chair (no sharing manikins or equipment, no student casualty)
    • Class size limited to 12 students per class First Aid/ 15 H2S Alive

Engineering controls

  • Plexiglass sneeze guards at reception desk
  • H2S Classroom moved to Room#2 to accommodate physical distancing during practicum (students remain seated while others are demonstrating skill preventing “crowding” during this activity.
  • Students not permitted to “roam” around in classrooms (stay at your station or seat)
  • Students/instructors not permitted to use student/instructor lunchroom in groups during breaks
  • ATS manager will disinfect the inside of the building with an Ozone generator during the evenings after each course. Appropriate warning signs will be posted at entrance doors while this treatment inside the building is ongoing and nobody will be allowed access to the building without permission from the training manager, without appropriate respiratory protection while the ozone machine is working or no less than 1 hour after treatment is completed.
  • Breaks will be taken outside classroom i.e. own vehicle or Sandwich Shop next door.

Administrative controls

  • Only 2 students allowed in foyer during check-in, others must wait their turn outside while maintaining 2m social distancing.
  • Staggered break times to prevent crowding in washrooms
  • Routine daily screening for staff and instructors
  • Pre-screening for all students at arrival (self-declaration form completed and reviewed by instructor)
  • Any student who is ill, or concerns raised on self-declaration form, or who won’t complete self-declaration form will not be permitted to attend the class and will be reschedule to a future class
  • Students who suffers allergies resulting coughing/sneezing must wear facemask while at our training or customer locations.
  • Questionable health situation? Student may be asked to leave the course.
  • High touch items (e.g. doorknobs) cleaned/wiped with Lysol more frequently by staff during the day
  • Access to hand sanitizer stations at reception & inside classrooms


Personal protective equipment

  • All students and instructors will wear appropriate PPE i.e. gloves, plastic gown, facemask & face shield during practical course scenario’s e.g. Transportation Endorsement, requiring them to be closer to other students than the required 2m distance.
  • Students must wear gloves during first aid course deliveries, handling first aid equipment (no exceptions)
  • All students will be issued their own personal (disposable) one-way valve to be used in conjunction with provided (sanitized) facemask during CPR practice
  • Students must wear gloves handling any industrial course equipment i.e. SCBA’s, fall Pro gear etc.

Customer site course deliveries

  • All customer site course deliveries must be compliant with this COVID-19 GO FORWARD PLAN

Cleaning of course equipment;

  • H2S Alive

- facemasks be washed in Fresh Gear solution (as described in MSA Cleaning & Disinfecting of the SCBA Operating Manual)

- respirators wiped with Loris BZK antiseptic towelette by instructor between student uses

- air tanks knobs, handles must be wiped by students with Loris BZK antiseptic towelette between student uses.

  • First Aid

- students wipe mannikins with Loris BZK antiseptic towelette as needed during course

- work station mats disinfected with Pine Sol

- seats wiped with Lysol wipe or similar solution after class

  • Other course equipment

- all commonly touched areas must be wiped with Loris BZK antiseptic towelette by the instructor between student uses

ALL questions and or concerns should be directed to the

Training Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via text at 1(250)264-8943

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