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Cancellation Policy

Course Cancellations by Customer

Classroom Courses - Alpha Training Solutions requires a minimum 24 Hours advanced cancellation notice prior to course start times business day prior.

Outdoor Courses - 7 days cancellation notice required

Occupational First Aid Level 3 - 14 days written notice, prior to course start time, is required for cancellation. Cancellations can be sent directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note: If the above required cancellation has been met but the course manuals have been picked up or received they are considered non-refundable. Please see our Refund Policy for more details on refund eligibility. 

Client-Site & Private Courses

Required cancellation notice based on terms and conditions stated in the approved quote.

Late Cancellation Fee by Customer*

Should a course be cancelled with less than the required notice period, ATS will retain the full course fee.

Course Cancellations by ATS

Every effort is made to deliver classes as scheduled, however ATS has had to cancel classes from time to time due to unforeseen events. In such an event, ATS will give the student/company as much advanced notice as possible.


*ATS Late Cancellation Policy Options 2021

  • “What Cancellation Policy?” It’s the employer and individual students’ responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with both Alpha Training Solution’s Late Cancellation and No-show Policies, before enrolling into a course.
  • “I or my employee was called out to work” It is not reasonable for an employer or individual to expect Alpha Training Solutions to forfeit course fees due to a late seat cancellation by the employer/ individual because they, or an employee has been “called out to work”. Your business gain shouldn’t be our financial loss.
  • “I gave 23 hours’ notice” Our Late Cancellation Policy requires a minimum 24hrs seat cancellation for one day courses, any less notice is considered a late cancellation and the full course fee will be charged.
  • “I left a voice mail or email on the weekend, cancelling my seat” All seat cancellations must be made no earlier than Monday 7:30am and no later than Friday 4:30pm. Cancellations made on weekends will be invalid.

“I or my employee might be called out to work”

Should a customer notify us of a possibility that an employee may be called out to work at registration and this indeed happens afterwards, the following will apply; the fee paid/ charged for the course will be processed as per usual however the same student can re-register for the same course on another day, within 60 days for only half the course price.


“I want to cancel my course whenever I want to, or have to, without losing the full enrolment fee” Customers who prefers this option, cancelling any course at any time can do so by pre-paying Alpha Training Solutions a $50 non-refundable anytime cancellation fee per registered seat.

Advantage: Customers/employees can opt out of the course at any time and without notice, having pre-paid the $50 anytime cancellation fee per seat as oppose to the full course fee.

Disadvantage: Customer forfeits their $50 anytime cancellation fee upon attending the course.

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