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Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL)

Length of Course: 10 hours
Certification: RCMP / Canadian Firearms Association
Valid: 5 years
  • Be at least 12 years of age (12-17 years must obtain a Minor's Licence to borrow and use non-restricted firearms)
  • Government Issued Photo I.D.
  • Wear modest clothing (no tank tops) for working in close contact with other students
  • Be medically and physically apt to perform practical course related activities

The goal of this program is the safe and responsible use of firearms. The improper use of firearms may result in serious injury. The material presented in this course is intended to demonstrate the operation of firearms in accordance with safe handling techniques and an awareness of manufactuers' specifications and safety features.

Course Outline:

  • Handle firearms and ammunition safely
  • Use firearms and ammunition safely
  • Comply with firearm laws
  • Store non-restricted firearms and ammunition safely
  • Display non-restricted firearms safely
  • Transport non-restricted firearms safely

As part of this course, you will:

  • Take part in course activities
  • Take part in a written exam
  • Take part in a Practical Scenario Exam

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