Client-Site Courses

Transportation Endorsement

Length of Course: 7-8 hours

Certification: St. John Ambulance

Valid: 3 years (Only valid with a current Level 1 First Aid Certificate)


  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Government Issued Photo I.D.
  • Current Level 1 or equivalent First Aid Certificate
  • Wear modest clothing (no tank tops) for working in close contact with other students
  • Be medically and physically apt to perform floor-work and first aid related activities

This one day course, prepares current OFA-1 (or equivalent) and OFA-2 First Aid Attendants with the skills and knowledge needed to transport injured or ill workers to medical aid.

Topics covered include:

  • Advanced resuscitation skills including a jaw thrust, assessment of a carotid pulse, insertion of an oral airway and oxygen administration.
  • Preparing and managing a patient with spinal considerations including repositioning patients, application of hard collars, and securing patients to a spine board in the supine and lateral positions

TE certification is valid for 3 years providing the ticket holder also maintains an OFA Level 1 or equivalent or Level 2 certificate.

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