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Hours of Service/Logbook/Cargo/Fatigue Management Course Bundle

Length of Combined Courses: 8 hours
Certification: 4Sight Safety
Valid: 3 years


Be at least 19 years of age
Government Issued Photo I.D.

This one-day course bundle offering is intended for commercial truck drivers and covers Federal & Provincial (both BC & Alberta) legislation.

This is a 4 in 1 Course Bundle that includes:

Hours of Service
This course is an overview of all the hours of service rules and regulations. It includes the difference between Federal and Provincial rules and how a driver determines the correct rules to follow.The course reviews all the different rules and breaks it down into a simple to understand system. The students are taught where the responsibility starts and finishes and we talk extensively about enforcement. Drivers are instructed in the rules applicable to their situation. The course meets all the requirements for hours of service course.

Log Books
Log books are a legal document and a driver's defence when things go astray. This course covers all the basics and teaches how to CORRECTLY complete log books and a detailed overview of the applicable rules. All federal and provincial rules are taught as well as how to stay legal and safe. The course starts very general then can be customized to each companies requirements. We prefer to have company documents to teach the course. There are theory, exercises and specific examples.

Cargo Securement
Cargo not being secured correctly, increasing the risk of accidents is a huge problem on our roads. Regulations and rules are taught and discussed. We like to have an actual hands on session with specific company trucks and standard cargo but that is optional. Rules of securement and required inspections are detailed and many times there are long question and answer sessions.

Fatigue Management
This course covers all the required subjects plus many oilfield specific issues. There are myriad items of concern for drivers and most are covered in great detail. This course is usually tied in with the above courses and done as a package. Drivers will leave the course with a solid understanding of the rules but also an understanding of why it is so crucial for all drivers.

As part of this course, you will:

Take part in four (4) written exams for which you will receive course specific tickets

Participate in hands-on practises, if required by your company in which case you will need to bring a company vehicle to the course.


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