Classroom Courses

Basic Chainsaw Safety

This course, only certifies felling trees under 6 inches diameter at stump height. A fullsize tree felling certificate is obtained through a different and longer course that we currently do not offer.

Length of Course: 7 Hours

Certification: LRM Enterprises
Prerequisites: Be at least 16 years of age 

Attire: Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), outdoor clothing and a chainsaw
Valid: 3 Years

Course Details:

Parts of a chainsaw
Saw Maintenance and sharpening techniques.
General Safety when using a chainsaw including fueling, carrying and starting a saw.
Prevention of kickbacks, pull-outs and pull-ins.
Felling trees with a chainsaw
Bucking/limbing trees with a chainsaw
Accidents that have occurred and how they could have been prevented

Course Outcome:

Greatly reduce or eliminate chainsaw related accidents and incidents
Improve efficiency by proper maintenance of a chainsaw.
Improve production though proper techniques and maintenance.
Make sure companies have done all they can to ensure the safety of their workers.